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Welcome to Bedlington electronics and repair service



Fault Diagnosis

At ElectriFixIt We can diagnose faults with your equipment using diagnostic tools so that your item can be repaired quickly.

In shop fault diagnosis and repair.
Reasonably priced repairs, costs up front no surprises.
If We can't repair it - No one can!

At ElectriFixIt we literally repair anything from TV’s to toasters and just about everything electrical and electronic item that you can think of. Simply, bring it to us and we will repair it!

We Repair anything electrical or electronic ring us now for advice, or simply pop into the the shop for professional 1-1 advice.
Tablet, Mobile Phone Screen repair

At ElectriFixIt We can replace you mobile phone or Tablet screen and get your device back up and running to it’s former glory.

If replacement parts are needed we will always agree with you first the cost so you can make the decision whether or not to go ahead with the repair.